Kern 3500 – Continuous

Kern 3500

Manufacturer: Kern with continuous input
Modell: K3500
Clicks: App. 80 mio
Configuration: 1 Channel continuous with 6 enclosures
Env. size: C5/6, DL and C5
Insert thickness: 2.5 mm
Speed: 22.000 p/hr
1. Channel: 940 Slitter Merger and 990 cutter

Reading: Barcode
Stations: 6, ZSEG and 2x ZSMS
Other: GUF, 2 Divert and vertical stacking conveyor
Options: VSK and GUF
Voltage: 3 phase
Frequency: 50 Hz.
Service contract: Yes, on-site technician
First install.: 2007
Decommissioning by:
Current Status: Still installed
Availability: Direct
Price in Euro’s: On request

Optional: 945 slitter merger and 995 cutter (Pinless)
Cognex reading system