The NetSort sorting software platform from Bell and Howell, allows you to position your operations for maximising postage discounts now and in the future. Built on item-level tracking and scalable client-server architecture, NetSort enables you to not just meet the current requirements but also prepares you for new demands from your national postal authority. This can range from intelligent barcodes to electronic manifest delivery. NetSort is available as an upgrade for a wide range of sorting platforms.

Minimise effort to meet all new requirements
  • Maximise your discounts and offer new services to your customers.
  • Offer higher discounts, drive more efficiencies into your operations and enlarge your customer base.
  • Increase dataflows coming in and going out of your operation.
  • Use exclusive planning tools to allow your operation run to its capacity.
  • Improve your capacity without adding to your current systems.
  • Increase the transparency to your customers.
  pdf_DS_EU_NetSortItem-Level Tracking
  • Provides extensive data on each piece processed
  • Assists in troubleshooting in a more complex environments
  • Matches barcodes applied to the customer’s pre-applied barcode to facilitate true end-to-end tracking





Wide range of scheme creation/sorting options
  • One-pass sorting
  • Easier to run different sort schemes and ‘mail passes’ simultaneously in a multi-sorter environment
  • Improved flexibility through extended support for new analysis options
  • Improvements in handling crossover bins in a multi-sorter environment, including item-level tracking
Base platform features
  • True client-server architecture
  • Enterprise-strength database
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Structured archival of mailing data and reports
  • Different levels of data access
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Template-based approach


Complete item-level tracking
  • Next to the item-level tracking per mailpiece, the mailpiece is tracked in its tray as well, making sure that if you need to look for a specific piece, you don’t need to go through all trays but know what tray to look for, the same goes for trays on pallets.
 Planning and resources
  • Lowers risk management of postage funds
  • Easier internal money management
  • Timing (funds management)—no worry about postage control/billing software
  • Transparency
  • More customers into the co-mingled environment
  • Competitive advantage of co-mingling
  • Lower postage due to higher levels of mail data
  • Higher percentage of deepest discount mail with a delivery guarantee due to a more predictable in-home date
  • Contributes to having an end-to-end solution
  • No need to find alternative provider
  • Barcode mailpiece subtractions
  • Analysis for postage accounting
Merge mail from multiple sites
  • Earn higher discount by co-mingling complementary destination codes
  • Provide data replication/back-up with near-continuous data transfer between sorters and servers
  • Track individual mailpieces and generate detailed reports
  • import single or multiple mail data files
  • Analysis for postage accounting and parse, combine, update, change and reanalyze
  • Function/product is required “after list processing” at the back-end of inserters, as well as can be the “add on” for NetSort on sorters
Auto/Fast appointment
  • Dynamic destination