Feedmax (Autoloader)

  • High Capacity Adjustable Autoloader
  • Inprove produnt handling
  • Feeds a wide range of products
  • Reduce labor costs within the Work Cell
  • Integrates easily with In-Line Vacuum Bases

Technical Specifications

Max. Product Size: 30 cm W x 33 cm L
Min. Product Size: 7.5 cm W x 12.5 cm L
Max. Product Thickness: 15 mm
Min. Product Thickness: 0.1 mm
Feeder Capacity: 2000 Envelopes
Max. Foot Print: H- 1 mtr. W- 40 cm L- 3 mtr(275cm)
Min. Foot Print: H- 90 cm W- 40 cm L- 2.15 mtr(180cm)
Speed: Variable up to 150  mtr. per min.
Separator: Dynamic Rotation Technology
Warranty: 2 years limited