EZ-Flats System

EZ-Flats SystemEarning the maximum discounts on C4 envelopes

We’ve teamed with Engineering Innovation Inc. to offer the EZ-Flats sorting system. If your daily flats volume is 3,000 mailpieces or more, then the EZ-Flats system is the perfect postage-saving solution for your operations. With its combination of market-leading technologies, the EZ-Flats system can help you achieve maximum postage discounts.

The EZ-Flats sorting system has a small footprint and with its rapid return on investment can quickly become a profit center within your organization. It’s modular so it will grow with your needs and because it’s easy to use and robust, it fits well even in the most demanding production environment.

  • Produces a bundle- or tray-based automated First-Class mailing
  • Manifest Mailing System enables mixed-weight C4s to be mailed using a permit indicia
  • Creates a unique mailing label featuring indicia, Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb), unique piece ID, endorsement, and proprietary sorting codes
  • Tracks every mailpiece to its maximum discount level for easy verification and billing
EZ-Flats Premium
  • Facilitates charge-backs to departmental cost centers
  • Produces manifest mailings
Your C4s are no match for EZ-Flats

The EZ-Flats system is modular and can be configured to your needs. Each system can include one or more productivity tools.

EZ-Flats Essential
  • Utilizes best-of-class OCR technology
  • Highest read rates in the flats market
  • Server-based configuration
  • Works in parallel with other EZ-Flats machines
  • Touch screen monitor/label printer/bar code scanner
  • Full Service IMb-ready
  • Directly upgradeable to Enhanced or Premium solutions
  • Processes 700-1,000 C4s/hour
EZ-Flats Premium
  • Automated label applicator
  • Automated conveyor
  • Automated bins (standard 8 bins, up to 40 maximum)
  • Processes up to 2,000 C4s per hour
EZ-Flats Enhanced
  • Addition of the patent-pending Dynamic Sort software/sorting technique, which identifies 10th-piece for bundle processing in real time and re-directs the document accordingly
  • 2nd Label Printing for printing 10th piece sorting tags
  • 50% reduction in mail finalization (compared to manual sorting)
Features and benefits
  • Eliminate 100% of the equipment wear and tear, ink costs, rate change expenses and labor involved with weighing and metering flat-sized mail
  • Quick set-up, easy-to-use and ergonomically friendly
  • Compact and robust
  • Modular to fit your needs
  • Track every piece of mail through the processing procedure to its maximum discount level and package placement
  • Create a routing report which summarizes piece counts and package destinations for rapid containerization and labeling
  • Quickly accessible audits which provide exact billing at the exact qualification level
  • C4s up to 1.9 cm thick