Kern 2500

Kern 2500

The Kern 2500 Multimailer: carefully conceived design, modular construction, unlimitedly combinational, uniquely versatile! Kern’s proverbial strengths ensure that the computer-guided processing of your mailings is absolutely reliable.

The automatic cutter with exceptional cutting capacity can be equipped with optical mark, barcode, Datamatrix or OCR recognition; the cutter directs the operation of the entire system via the easily adjustable reading system. Whether you are working with printed documents on a spool or with fanfold paper, excellent cutting quality is the pre-requisite for the successful processing of your mailings.

The integrated folding system makes virtually every kind of vertical and horizontal fold possible. Pages can be folded separately or in groups. With a few simple adjustments, the folding system can be changed to accommodate a different document format.
The folding modules can be equipped with reading capabilities, should you need this for particular applications. Various enclosures of different sizes and paper quality can be folded as required and fed continuously. All folding and feeder stations have a high stack capacity and can be loaded with inserts from both sides of the Kern 2500 Multimailer.

The result of successfully completed research and development, the Kern 2500 Multimailer’s superb performance delivers flawless mailings in accordance with a variety of needs.

The Kern 2500 Multimailer’s inserting module represents a milestone in the evolution of automatic mailing systems. After being conveyed a short distance, envelopes are filled with collated documents and enclosures. Impeccable mechanical processing and numerous electronic monitoring devices ensure accurate insertions. A variety of inspection and output bins, as well as an ergonomical output conveyor belt, facilitate the handling of filled envelopes. And you also have the option of including equipment for bundling letters or for packing them into mailing boxes.


Modular, large number of stations possible

Cycling speed
Up to 12’000 envelopes/h

Production volume

Input channels
Up to 4

Up to 28

Envelope dimension
C6 to B5

Packing thickness
Max. 10 mm

All information important to the operator is displayed an the touch-screen: sheet, envelope and insertion counts, stack heights, user access authorization, and much more. A depiction of the module affected helps in locating the source of a malfunction.