Bell + Howell XVP-4CD with Muller input

Bell + Howell XPV-4CD

Manufacturer: Bell + Howell
Modell: Vitesse 900
Clicks: App.:
Hours: 5000 +
Configuration: 1 Channel cut sheet 4 enclosures
Env. size: C5/6, DL and C5
Insert thickness: 2.5 mm
Speed: 12.000 p/hr
1. Channel: Muller Cut Sheet channek

Reading: OMR
Stations: 4, OMR reading in station 1 for Matching
Other: IUI, Touchscreen, 1 Divert and conveyor
Voltage: 3 phase
Frequency: 50 Hz.
Service contract: Yes, on-site technician
First install.: 2000
Decommissioning by: B+H engineer
Current Status: Decommissioned
Availability: Direct
Price in Euro’s: On request


XPV-Back_Complete XPV2_Muller XPV2_Shuttle XPV2_InsertStation XPV2_Counter XPV2_Front XPV2_Electrics XPV2_Back_Insert XPV2_Back XPV1_Screen